Translate Advance Directives for non-English Speakers to facilitate informed discussions

Are you helping someone to understand the purpose and use of an “advance directive for health care?” If the person doesn’t speak English as their first language, it can be tough to explain these abstract concepts in a way they will understand.

Help is now available. There is a non-profit organization called the Institute for Health Care Advancement –  — which provides translations for advance directives in many languages. I am not personally familiar with the organization and am not “endorsing” it here, but I thought it was useful to share that they provide this service.

Advance directives must be put in writing. They are sometimes called “Living Wills” for this reason — they ‘speak for the patient” if the patient becomes incapacitated. Each state has its own laws; New Jersey does as well. Although there may be “forms” or “templates,” it is important that the patient be able to have a serious discussion with their attorney or advisor so they understand what they are allowed to put into such a document and how it can be custom-tailored.

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