NJ issues new Guardianship Judgment & Annual Report Form

The Supreme Court of New Jersey recently adopted a new standardized Judgment of Incapacity for Guardianship cases, to be used by the probate courts throughout the state. It’s called the Revised Model Judgment.

The Judgment is the final court order signed by the Judge which generally appoints the Guardian of Person and Property and places an array of obligations and limitations on the Guardian. The purpose of the Model Judgment is to create state-wide uniformity.

Every year on the anniversary date of the guardianship, the Guardian is required to file an Annual Report. New reporting forms have been adopted – Report of Well-Being (for medical/health) and Accounting Reports. 

The forms can be found at: http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/forms.htm#guardianship. You can also download these forms all at once from this blog: Click here to download.

The annual reports are designed to protect the person under guardianship by improving the guardian’s accountability. Also, they provide the county Surrogate’s Court  with information for the guardianship monitoring activity that is conducted. The new report forms are much more detailed. The report of well-being requires submission of a letter from the doctor reviewing the overall medical condition and treatment of the person under guardianship. These new forms must be used by all Guardians appointed from now on, and must be served on the adult family members as well when they are filed.

We have collected the recommended forms to file for this Report. We have also added “PRINTABLE” versions of those forms which otherwise require Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view. You can download our ZIP archive of Annual Guardianship Report forms by clicking here.
For assistance with your guardianship annual report obligations, or with other guardianship issues, please contact us online, or call us at 732-382-6070.

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2 thoughts on “NJ issues new Guardianship Judgment & Annual Report Form

  1. I am having a problem with state office of guardian of elderly . I did not have money to fight decision of court . I am guardian of the person ,my cousin . The state took all of his money and they are making it difficult to care for him . He wants to stay in his home and I am caring for him with home aides . He has money to live his life comfortably but the agency has all funds and is late or not paying bills . Is there any course of action I can take for agency to act properly or ask for full guardianship without using a lawyer ? The state makes it too expensive to challenge their decision . Sincerely , Gerard Caprio

  2. Dear Gerard,

    It sounds like you were appointed as the Guardian of the person, and the Office of Public Guardian was appointed as Guardian of the Property. It could be that a few hours of attorney time will be sufficient to have discussions with that department and straighten this problem out, without having to go to court. I cannot work for free, but I would certainly ask them to reimburse you for your legal fees out of your cousin’s account. I’d be happy to talk with you about this, so please call the office if you’d like to schedule a consultation — 732-382-6070.

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