Duffy vs Velez, (U.S. District Court)

Duffy vs Velez, (U.S. District Court)

Case no. 3:09-cv-05539-AET-LHG.

This was an  action filed under the Americans with Disabilities Act (the A.D.A.), (Westlaw citation is Duffy v. Velez, 2010 WL 503037, (D.N.J.,2010)) seeking an accommodation for the plaintiff, specifically,  waiver of the income cap in the Global Options Medicaid Program so that Mr. Duffy could reside in assisted living facility rather than a nursing home. State’s motion to Dismiss for failure to state a claim was Denied February 5, 2010, by the Honorable Anne E. Thompson, U.S. D.J. (Case later was withdrawn/dismissed due to death of the plaintiff).

Attorney: Linda S. Ershow-Levenberg, Esq. and Lauren S. Marinaro, Esq.

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