NY Times Article on Legacy of Agent Orange

The linked May 11 New York Times article and associated video documentary, entitled “Agent Orange’s Long Legacy, for Vietnam and Veterans”, provides a overview of the most problematic chemical exposure issue for U.S. service members of the 20th Century.

There are a number of heart-breaking documentaries also available on the effects of Agent Orange (many available for free on a variety Internet-based streaming providers).  Personally, the one’s that I favor, such as “Sky Soldier: A Vietnam Story in 3D”, don’t have a pro/anti-war or political sway in one direction or the other.  What is important to me is to have a better understand of how the exposure effected the veteran and their family for decades after leaving service.  Frankly, I try envision myself representing the 18-year old service member who was shipped to Vietnam with little understanding of the enemy they were facing (or commonly where Vietnam was geographically located).  For me, that is what emotionally links me to the veteran and provides further incentive to ensure they are receiving the correct entitlements under Title 38.

As we have previously blogged about, there are a number of conditions that a Vietnam veteran will be considered presumptive service-connected for, to include Ischemic Heart Disease (to include Coronary Artery Disease), diabetes mellitus, and a number of forms of cancer.  More information can be found at A Nation’s Belated Acknowledgement to Vietnam-Era Veterans.  If you have questions about yourself or a family member, please don’t hesitate to contact me at sdirector@finkrosner.com or (732) 382-6070.

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