State Property Tax Exemption for 100% Disabled Vets

Many veterans are unaware that numerous states provided property tax exemptions for 100% disabled veterans.  However, each state has its own rules governing who is qualified for this exemption.  The linked Louisiana Channel 7 News Report explains that numerous Louisiana veterans, who are considered 100% disabled by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), are not eligible for the Louisiana homestead tax exemption because they are not considered “totally and permanently disabled.”

Similar to Louisiana, in New Jersey 100 percent permanently disabled veterans or the surviving unremarried spouse of an eligible veteran are exempt from paying New Jersey property tax.  There are three basic eligibility requirements under N.J.S.A. § 54:4-3.30: (1) the veteran must have served during a specific period of war; (3) the veteran must have received an honorable discharge or “released under honorable circumstances”; and (3) the veteran must be 100 percent permanently and totally disabled by the VA.

More information on the New Jersey property tax exemption, as well as other benefits for qualified veterans, can be found in the NJ Veterans Guide published by the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

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2 thoughts on “State Property Tax Exemption for 100% Disabled Vets

  1. dear mr director I recently moved to colonia nj a section of woodbridge township in august of 2015 the tax assessor here is still to this day is giving me a hard time about everything for my property tax excemption im a 100%ptsd 40% low back spinal condition 20%left ankle limited motion total of 160% I previously lived in north Brunswick township and since 2006 was tax excempt with no problems whatsever brought them up to date letter from the VA REGIONAL OFFICE in NEWARK NJ….mr Richard DUDDA always ask for letters and additional information in which I been to Newark 3 times already I get the letter up dated he refuses to excempt me and wont tell me what he specifally what he wants the va benefits counsler told me on 3 occasions he has been doing this for over 25 years and the letter he gave me is all any a vet needs…he harrases me everytime I go to his dept tells his secetary what to tell me he is rude and obnxios to me ….I got everything as proof and still denies me I appealed his decision and am going to Middlesex tax appeals court in new Brunswick nj have a date of june 30 2016 I been paying the taxes since my closing date on my home aug 18 2015…..can I speak with you about this matter my name is victor wroblak cell phone 732 763 6124 email…..I would appreciate your help in this matter look forward to speaking to you on this matter….best regards victor wroblak

  2. Victor, I get calls around the state regarding denial of property tax exemption. The two most commonly at issue statutory elements are: (1) proof of service in a warzone for certain periods of service; and (2) proof of 100% disability rating that is considered permanent and total. I’ll give you at call to help triage. Seth

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