Today is Love Your Lawyer Day! (Who Knew?)

This morning I learned that the first Friday in November is international Love Your Lawyer Day. I had no idea. I think it’s really nice that someone thought up that idea.

Lawyers do their best to solve their clients’ legal troubles whatever they may be — contract disputes, family disputes, problems caused by incapacity or denials of government benefits, finding remedies for damage done, improper arrests, or making sure that a clients’ rights are protected. The type of legal problems people face goes on and on. The  challenge for attorneys is that every time a lawyer tackles a client’s problem, he or she has to keep in mind a huge array of rules that govern what the lawyer can, can’t, should or shouldn’t do. Starting at the top we have to be familiar with the US Constitution; federal statutes; federal regulations; federal agency guidance. Then we have the state constitution; state statutes; state regulations; and state agency practices. Of course we have to research court decisions that may even date back more than a hundred years. On top of that are the strict Rules of Professional Conduct which are sometimes referred to the attorney ethics rules. Not to mention the hundreds of detailed facts that we need to keep straight for the particular situation; anticipating the strategy the “other side” will use, and figuring out what is likely to be the best tack forward against the headwinds of the case.

So if you are in the midst of a case, say “thanks” to your lawyer who’s doing the best they can with the case there is. Sometimes it can be unclear to a client just why the lawyer recommends a certain course of action. Each fact in a case can work for or against the client depending on how the facts can be put together. As John Adams famously said in his defense of the shooters in the Boston Massacre, “facts are stubborn things” – lawyers can’t change the facts; we just do our very best for our clients when working with those facts and the applicable law.

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